Our Supported Charities

One of the principle purposes of Fareham Raft Race has always been to raise money for local charitable causes. This we we are delighted to be supporting The Rainbow Centre and Headway Portsmouth.

The Rainbow Centre

At The Rainbow Centre we inspire and support children with Cerebral Palsy and adults with a stroke, MS and Parkinson’s, adult Cerebral Palsy, Head Injury and their families. Through a system of learning called Conductive Education we encourage and teach our children/participants to take an active role in their own development.

Our children/participants learn new ways to become active and happy individuals who are proud of their own achievements and ready for life’s challenges. We focus on what you CAN DO and inspire all children/participants to reach their full potential.


Headway Portsmouth

Headway Portsmouth and South East Hampshire provides personalised advice, information and practical support to assist rehabilitation, and maximise recovery and independence.

This community based intervention and prevention work in cognitive and social rehabilitation can significantly impact on the level of recovery for the person with brain injury by improving self-esteem and confidence whilst maximising potential for long term independence, enabling people with brain injury to break the circle of support and moving on with their lives.

We understand your sense of loss and anxieties about the future. You’re not alone with Headway Portsmouth and South East Hampshire.